Alin Buda design generalist
The AI Pin - A product review.
The AI Pin Project was an opportunity to break away from screens and form new, healthier relationships with technology.

I think the AI Pin can be an opportunity for a generation or two to grow without accounts on social media - a chance for all of us to break bad habits, forge healthy social skills in the real world and build reliable societies.
Sounds idealistic? In the current context, it is.
We are storm.
To those who are too busy or quickly bored, here is a summary in a sentence: It has designers in it, it is about today, has little to no action, and the events unfold far and beyond this collection of words.
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In my journey through the trenches of product design, I found that collaboration wasn't made hard by a scarcity of opportunities, tools, or resources.
Yes, but what does it mean?
The AI trend is reaching new heights. There are optimists, worryers, those with an "I've seen this before" attitude, ignorants, and the confused.
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The battle for how.
Humans have long been captivated by the fundamental questions of "What?" and "Why?". The "What" is the king of questions, while the "Why" stands tall as the queen.
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Title about AI goes here.
I should set the scene first so the hero and their actions make sense.
This is difficult because we all perceive the context in different ways. Not everyone considers the emergence of AI important.
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The AI Pin.
Not a product review.
We've all seen this movie before.
Fantastic technology, extraordinary features - in search of a problem to solve.
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