We are storm

I wrote about this before from a different angle.

To those who are too busy or quickly bored, here is a summary in a sentence: It has designers in it, it is about today, has little to no action, and the events unfold far and beyond this collection of words.

Now, where were we? Yes, we are witnessing a transformation—the markets change, and the context is blurry. Thousands of designers and other specialists have been laid off. We'll come back to this.

I'm not going to pretend that I know every story (I barely know mine), but I know the common thread: it comes down to how I pay my mortgage, food, new baby clothes, and Netflix subscription.

When the time comes, all we see is a coming storm from that spot. Our primitive brain clenches our fists, which soon touch the ground, and then we growl, showing our teeth.

When we perceive everything as a threat, all our senses sharpen. It's a function of our brain. We read every article or news piece with considerable bias. In this new context, we get anxious, irritable, and overreact. Some blame the markets or a trend, others blame others, and some blame themselves.

We got used to the idea that our success is a direct function of our performance and that the only required action is to keep grinding daily. Some of us believe this is all it takes to have a job and income, to unclench our fists. The above has significant consequences.

Some won't recognise it, and others will forget how much our success or failure depends on others.

We also ignore or forget about an important attribute of the human mind—a blessing and a curse—that it is ever-changing.

The storm I've mentioned above is made of pales of wind generated by actions born from thoughts. With almost every new idea, our point of view changes, our words change and from there, our actions and our behaviour. At scale, this creates tremendous energy. Once again, this has consequences. Most of us don't pay attention to them.

I need to drag you close to where I stand by this time. The transformation we see around us is not just particles of energy moving—it is us—people wanting to move forward, go back, run away, change things, and build a new.

The evolving technology doesn't just happen - it is us thinking of building and using it.

We've built computers we can carry in our pockets and networks that connect us in ways we don't even understand. We've built automated systems that, in time, made us faster and better but also ignorable and redundant.

With every new idea, action, or project, we generate change. It is not visible when we are heads down, at work, and the bills are paid; we can't see that, but we are the change - we are the storm.

Change happens all the time. We only see this when our primitive brains must take over - In these moments, with our fists clenched, growling and showing our teeth, something else happens - the upcoming cyclon connects with the storm within. First, we resist; we want to understand and want it to disappear.

When we fail to fight the storm, we change, adapt, learn new things, eliminate old habits, make tough decisions, and ensure those we care about follow us closely and stay protected.

Our brains, grit, and knowledge will generate new energy and ideas; our storm will get us the next job, even if it means inventing something new.
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