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Hello, I'm Alin Buda.
I design digital products
and services.

I’m available for remote projects.

What I am.

A design enthusiast.

My mission is to help organisations and businesses to design great digital products and reliable services.
When I’m joining projects, my job is to be part of the research, map the touchpoints for everyone connected to the experience and make sure there are no blindspots.
With solid requirements, I prototype and test the experience so no development time is wasted.

What I do.

Research, experiment, learn from mistakes and embrace the small victories. Every single day.

Great products are invisible.

I’m an advocate for those who can’t be in the room when design decisions are made. My job is to keep the noise at minimum and help users focus on their goals. When coupled with a great business proposition, those goals are reached with little effort and the product becomes invisible.

Great services become verbs.

Ever heard these expressions: “Just google it, or I need to skype my mum or zoom my team”? To reach that point, a service must be visible, easy to use and consistently deliver reliable results. Because needs evolve in time, my role is to make sure that services can adapt and stay relevant.

How I do it.

Every project is unique but successful projects have something in common.
Solid processes, adapted to context.


At this stage, I work with the internal team to define the challenges, align stakeholders’ vision. Next stop, planning the priorities in terms of research and design. Methods, tools and processes.


For this, I engage with relevant personnel and end customers to uncover motivations, needs, goals, and of course, pain points. Every journey gets mapped so the end to end blueprint gets better. 


During this phase, I design responsive prototypes. The prototypes are tested with real users, and validate possible solutions to take forward. Based on feedback, I iterate. Everything gets documented.


Case studies coming soon.

Get in toch.

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