Hello, I'm Alin Buda.
I design digital products and services.

I'm a design enthusiast.

My mission is to help startups and organisations design great digital products and reliable services.
As a design generalist, I help with research, understand the technologies, map the experience, and remove the blind spots.
With solid requirements, I design interfaces and interactions.

Alin Buda

What I do?

I research, experiment and embrace the small victories.

Every single day.

Great products are invisible.

I advocate for those who can’t be in the room when the design decisions are made. My job is to keep the noise at a minimum and help users focus on their goals. When coupled with a great business proposition, those goals are reached with little effort, making the product invisible.

Great services become verbs.

Have you ever heard these expressions: “just google it”, “skype your mum”, or “zoom my team”? To be used as verbs, services must be visible, easy to use, and consistent. And because needs evolve, my role is to ensure that products and services can adapt, scale and stay relevant.

How I do it?

All successful projects have something in common – clear goals and solid processes adapted to the context.


Empathise, define.

In this phase, my main goal is to learn as much as possible about the project. Before doing anything, I need to understand what problems I’ll have to solve. Together with the internal team, we define the issues and ensure everyone involved talks about the same things. We clarify the vocabulary and the known issues, analyse existing user research and plan.


Ideate, prototype.

With a plan and a priority for the defined problems, I set up workshops to brainstorm ideas and generate solutions. One by one, these solutions are challenged internally. The winners get prototyped in various ways and challenged again. Where necessary and possible, I design A/B tests so I can learn more about the proposed solutions’ efficacy.


Test, measure.

The winning solutions are implemented and monitored for efficiency.
Like all the other phases, this phase requires a shared effort and is a long-term action.
Whilst measuring the solution’s impact, I advise taking context into account. Anything that is visible and can influence the user’s behaviour gets documented.

What I did?

I’ve worked hard for the last two decades and learned a lot.
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I’m a content creator.

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