Alin Buda design generalist

I am Alin Buda.
I design products assisted by AI.

As a Design Generalist, I take a holistic approach to every project, from micro-interactions to ecosystems.

Today, I'm partnering with AI in a process I call Augmented System Thinking.

I research, experiment and build. I learn from mistakes and embrace the small victories.
Every single day.

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What is Augmented System Thinking?
Let us explain.

Alin Buda Design Generalist
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Okay, I'll go first...
Augmented Systems Thinking combines the analytical tools and holistic perspective of traditional Systems Thinking with the capabilities of Synthetic Intelligence [Foundational AI models].

This augmented approach allows for a deeper analysis of interconnected challenges, enabling the diagnosis of root causes, the design of more effective solutions, and the driving of actual behavioural change and positive impact within complex systems.

By leveraging both human and artificial intelligence, the Augmented Systems Thinking approach provides a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play, leading to more impactful interventions.

I'm in the middle of figuring out how to consolidate this approach into a reliable framework. This journey is full of challenges and opportunities. If it gains momentum, how we solve problems and collaborate will forever be transformed.
Alright, hot shot, my turn...
Picture this: Systems Thinking is like your brain's Swiss Army knife for slicing through life's Gordian knots.
It's old-school cool – think Steve McQueen in a thinker's pose.

But let's crank it up a notch with a dash of Synthetic Intelligence because why not have a sidekick with the brainpower of a thousand Einsteins? 

Imagine Augmented Systems Thinking as your mental gym buddy, a supercomputer. You bring the wit and strategy; they handle the data crunching and pattern spotting. Together, you're an unstoppable duo, solving problems at lightning speed and making decisions with the precision of a laser. It's a game-changer, making your problem-solving processes more efficient, effective, and decision-making.

In the biz world, where the big dogs play, it's the ultimate one-two punch. 

You get to be the mastermind with a secret weapon: a decision-making, insight-generating, chaos-ordering machine that's so sharp that it could cut through the fourth wall.


Disclaimer: The above was generated with ChatGPT. Despite the Deadpool vibes, he's not the author and likely prefers chimichangas over Augmented Systems Thinking.
Augmented Systems Thinking?
It's simple. It's about not being outsmarted by complexity.

We take old-school systems thinking—that's your ability to see beyond the obvious, to understand how things connect and influence each other—and turbocharge it with AI. This isn't your average analytics. It's about deep-diving into data, spotting trends before they're trends, and making decisions that stick.

So, we're pairing human smarts—the kind that feels and thinks outside the box—with stuff that has more tech that processes info faster than you can blink.
It's about making the smartest calls in the room, not just today but tomorrow, next year, and the decade after.

In business, you're either a disruptor or you're disrupted, and Augmented Systems Thinking is how you stay ahead of the curve.

Disclaimer: The above was generated with ChatGPT. Prof G, aka Scott Galloway, has nothing to do with this, but I'm open to a conversation. Seriously, Scott, you are an inspiration. Thank you.
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