Sony PlayStation Pipeline

Sony PlayStation™
MOLT Platform

UX/UI project

The challenge

To be able to manage the games produced worldwide for the PlayStation platform, Sony™ needed a custom system globally accessible – a framework that can manage any game development project and it is also integrated with Sony PlayStation™ Store. 

For seven months I was part of a great journey, working together with a talented team of designers. 

First things first

First step in the project was to understand the requirements, the expectations, agree on deliverables. This was no little task. The platform has more than 10 user roles each with their own rights, permissions and access to platform features. On top of this, for a great service, Sony™ was always asking to design the journeys in a way that every task can be completed with no external help.

The work

The "wires"

With the requirements in place and defined diagrams for user flows, it was time for wireframing. One by one, each user journey was transformed into prototypes. The concepts and solutions were constantly challenged in design critique sessions and tested by real users. Needless to say that only the winning solution moved forward.

Time to dress up

Validated prototypes were prepared to enter production. At this stage, I got involved in aligning the assets for the interfaces with the UI Style Guide. From content and interactions to the colour schema, typography and iconography, at this stage, each element was laid down on a responsive grid ready to join the rest of the platform features.

The result

This project helped me grow a lot. For seven months, I was part of a global act that impacts millions. I’ve helped create a service that allows people on four continents to collaborate on complex long-term projects.

The work experience, the social connection with top professionals and the thrill of contributing to such a complex project were unique.

Do you want to know more about this project?

The details presented in this case study are designed to be only a generic overview for this project.
If you are interested in details about processes or how I got to specific solutions, please get in touch.

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