Open Ocean Studio

Open Ocean Studio™

Product Design for Safety and Compliance tools

The challenge

Approximately 90% of the goods produced around the world are transported by water.
The services built for the maritime industry are inconsistent and outdated. 

90POE Design Studio hired me to help them build a suite of applications for the maritime industry. 

The team was divided into squads. I was part of Safety and Compliance squad. My task was to design the Audit and Inspections, Incident Reporting and Procedures tools.

Getting to know the audience

I don’t design for “happy paths”. I don’t believe in “perfect” users. Audits and inspections on vessels happen in challenging conditions. Most of the time, the inspectors are seniors, retired sea captains or officers. They travel around the world to perform audits, inspections and trainings. They get to board vessels at specific times and do their work in rough conditions. Sometimes on a tight schedule, wearing protective equipment. The Audit and Inspection application has to adapt to those conditions: used by seniors, on the move, with devices with poor or no internet connection.

Thinking on the walls

An important requirement was to design the applications capable to absorb data from legacy systems and repositories. For this, all the journeys were mapped to connect processes with sources. 

Validating solutions

To deliver a solid proof of concept (POC), I designed various prototypes to be tested. Everything was built out of reusable/ responsive components. 

The solution I delivered for audit and inspection applications was designed to fit a scalable architecture and integrate with other important applications like Crew and Vessel Itinerary.

To test the prototypes, few audit inspectors were called in. After the tests, the results were analised and the prototypes were updated. 

The POC was ready to become the MVP.

The result

The Open Ocean Studio™ platform is live.
The Audit and Inspection tool offers today an efficient way to plan, audit, record, analyse, and generate corrective instructions. 

From pen, paper and messy spreadsheets to an integrated system available via cloud from anywhere. The tools I designed are set to be part of a digital revolution in the maritime industry.

Do you want to know more about this project?

The details presented in this case study are designed to be only a generic overview for this project.
If you are interested in details about processes or how I got to specific solutions, please get in touch.

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