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Experience and recommendations

The best people to talk about me as a professional, are my clients, colleagues and friends.
Their words are humbling and uplifting at the same time.

Dec 2018 - Aug 2020 • 1yr 9 mos
Senior UX Consultant at Mashroom™

This project was by far the most engaging service and product design project I have been part of. Together with a young, dynamic team of designers, product owners and managers, I went through a challenging journey to help and change forever how properties are rented and sold in the UK.

Working on this projects offered me a front seat to the transformation already happening in the real estate industry. From the incipient phase to the launch of the MVP, this project required maximum effort to create intuitive services with great support and no dead ends.

An amazing collaboration with an international team of capable professionals. The biggest takeaway from this project is the exercise in designing a complex service and the products from its foundation.

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Alexander Badalyan
CFO at Mashroom • LinkedIn
Alin has a “mind palace” where he consolidates and meticulously analyses user, product/development and business requirements, which gives him the ability to effectively transform an idea to an actionable prototype. He has a solid vision backed by years of experience, and is an extremely talented and passionate designer that is not afraid of challenges of complexity. Alin is is also well-versed in branding and can get involved on multiple facets of the business to ultimately reflect on product design. He helped us a lot on our journey from a very early stage vision of a product to one of the most comprehensive experiences out there. He also has a great personality and is fun to be around with.

Irini Sala
Senior Marketing Executive at Mashroom • LinkedIn

Alin Buda definitely knows his stuff! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alin throughout my first year at Mashroom and I’ve never met anyone more openly passionate about his field. Alin does not like things done superficially and will always go the extra mile to dig deep and find drivers that motivate and lead human behaviour. As a consumer behaviour graduate myself, hearing about Alin’s experiments, conducted both professionally and during his spare time, has been truly interesting and inspiring. All the insight Alin has acquired throughout his experimenting then translates into an in-depth knowledge of UX that always puts the consumer first. I honestly recommend Alin, not only as an exceptional UX consultant but also as an insightful connoisseur of consumer behaviour.

Stepan Dobrovolskiy
Founder of Mashroom • LinkedIn

I can’t recommend Alin enough. He played a fundamental role in Mashroom product and service development. Alin joined us when we desperately needed help with creating a prototype. He brought not only a great user experience expertise with him, but also so much needed management skills, research and data collection, reporting and proper communication with development team. Alin is a great user advocate and always proposes win-win solutions for business.

Mar 2018 - Nov 2018 • 9 mos
Senior UX/UI Consultant at 90% of Everything™

An amazing opportunity to be part of a dramatic transformation in the maritime industry. As few other industries, the maritime industry was stuck in the last century in regards to its connected services. Together with an extraordinary team of designers, project managers, technicians and developers, I’ve worked on a few important features/products part of a complex fleet administration service.

From research to prototyping and testing almost everything was new for me and unexplored territory for the industry. From automating processes for vessel audits to organising and optimising vessels itineraries, I was part of a revolution that is set to change forever how services are provided in the maritime industry. 

Besides the challenges that helped me grow, challenges of an industry set for transformation, one of the most important outcomes for me was learning. Learning interesting facts from very experienced people. I’ve left the project richer.

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Zuzana Dobrovolna
Design Thinking Facilitator | CX Consultant • LinkedIn

I had a pleasure working with Alin on various User Experience prototypes and projects across a robust platform. I thought I was a prototyping geek, but Alin took it to the next level. He’s an Axure Wizard, seriously amazing. Apart Alin being an experienced Senior UX Designer, I’ve also enjoyed our lunch debates about all sorts of topics. He’s a deep thinker and problem solver who is capable of looking at the world through many different lenses.

Daniel White
Chief Experience Officer  • LinkedIn

Alin is one of the rare breed of designers that just produces very carefully considered and well executed product designs and prototypes. His ability to take a conceptual idea and translate it in to a workable prototype is second to none. I had the pleasure of having Alin on my team for a little under a year and he’s left a lasting positive impact on my team both professionally and personally. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to work with him again and highly recommend him to anyone.

Andy Kwedo
Lead Front-End Developer  • LinkedIn

There is no doubt Alin is among creme de la creme of the design talents, except you don’t need my reference to know it – simply verify this by checking his portfolio. Let me use our time wisely and share how Alin will enrich your team. He will propose solutions showing empathic understanding of users needs and economic understanding of the business cases. He will think ahead and care about the project like the father cares about his children – taking care of their health and security. He will show curiosity and won’t be afraid to challenge introduced concepts with great ideas and deep philosophy. He will provoke the team to grow, help them reflect and learn more about themselves while bringing a lot of smiles. He will quickly establish himself as an un-replaceable part of the team, setting the bar exceptionally high for anyone to follow and before you know it, he will become your friend.

Peter Chermanowicz
Lead Front-End Developer • LinkedIn

I had a real pleasure to work with Alin on a large-scale, complex project for maritime industry. Alin proved to be one of the best UX/UI designers I’ve ever worked with. His ability do deeply analyse the user flow and user experience requirements was beyond of what I have ever seen. He turned a blurry, sketchy vision of the product to a series of interactive, well thought through prototypes and designs, perfect for the developers to work with. I truly hope our paths will cross again in the future.

Jan 2018 - Feb 2018 • 2 mos
Senior UX/UI Consultant at Zone™

Back with the amazing team @Zone. This time working on an interesting project set to deliver new features for MINI Cooper owners as part of a temporary program.

The main purpose of this project was to allow the MINI Cooper owners and the dealers to learn more about the usage of the cars qualified for this program. This knowledge was used in the development of future Mini Cooper models and improving of the existing services.

To help the team deliver on this, I’ve designed a service and a product to help Mini Cooper owners check if their cars qualify, help them order, install and configure the module. The service would be completed with the return of the module at the end of the 12-month program.

A great collaboration with the wonderful people from Zone. Looking forward to meeting them again for the next project.

Nuno Novais Dias
Senior Technical Project Manager  • LinkedIn

Alin is one of the best UX designers I worked with. He is passionate to deliver a solution that follows the best UX practices, realistic about what can be achieved (i.e. he’s OK to scale down his solution to meet deadlines or budgets), and the cherry on top is that he creates great prototypes that make presentations to the clients much easier and clearer. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any similar work.

Chris Deary
Business Director @Zone • LinkedIn

Alin’s an enthusiastic, passionate and highly-skilled UX designer. He approaches his work with a real focus on user needs and behaviours. Alin worked on two very different projects for us at Zone, and he proved himself a real team player on both – always willing to work with others to find solutions and deliver brilliant digital products.

Jun 2017 - Aug 2017 • 3 mos
Senior UX Architect at Argos™

The most exciting e-commerce project I’ve been part so far.
A fast-paced, positive environment working along a great team of professionals.
The actual Argos™ experience is supported by groundbreaking technologies but being an evolving platform is still connected to legacy systems and sub-systems.

The objective of my participation was to improve conversion for various sections of the website.
The main task was to create a set of responsive components, modules, and templates, that will help the product team introduce in different ways thousands of products to millions of customers.

Each of these newly created modules and templates shall accommodate categories and subcategories of products sorted by various attributes, create context around products, new arrivals, stock clearance or sale events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, July Saaale or Christmas/Easter Events.

A highly productive collaboration with amazing professionals. Looking forward to the next one.

Dec 2016 - Jun 2017 • 7 mos
Senior UX Designer at Reply • Sony PlayStation™ MOLT Project

To be able to manage all the games produced worldwide, Sony PlayStation™ needed a custom platform, a solid system accessible from anywhere by Sony™ and its partners; a framework that can manage any game development project and it is also integrated with Sony PlayStation™ Store.
Tending to the needs of 10+ user types requires strong user experience and a consistent user interface. I delivered both for all work packages I was involved in.

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Andy Iosifescu
UX Manager • LinkedIn

A passionate and resourceful designer, Alin has the ability of finding positive approaches to problem solving no matter how hard the task at hand is. His skills have polished over the years, having being faced with real world challenges but also by a personal drive to improve and persevere. Both a master of soft skills and a passionate technologist, Alin expertise and positive approach is a guarantee that projects outcomes will improve with incremental changes that will change team morale and understanding, ultimately resulting in better products reaching their target audience.

Jay Suthar
UX Manager  • LinkedIn

I worked with Alin on the Sony PlayStation content pipeline project. Alin has a relaxed, honest, friendly attitude which makes collaborating with him extremely easy and enjoyable. He very curious about science, technology, human behaviour so there was always interesting topics to discuss with him daily. He is great fun to work. Even during peak delivery phases on the project Alin always reminded focused, detailed, endeavouring to have all the UX flows, wireframes and visuals to their complete, aligned standards for Sony and BAs. One of his key contributions was introducing a change log with files to track frequent updates to wireframes made by multiple designers due to changing business requirements. It aided greatly in documenting reasonings on each iteration leading up to sign off. He is passionate about great, no fuss user experience (and tasty fresh food!). He is switched on to technology trends and sharing insights into how he imagines the user interaction with the brand, its services and products is transforming. He will surely be a great member to an organisation looking to explore, develop new levels of user experience.

Jul 2015 - May 2016 • 11 mos
Senior UX/UI Designer at Flight Centre™ Travel Group

A great business proposition needs a great platform that connects people and products trough great services.
Round the World Experts website was being re-designed to capture the attention and excite those who love to travel. It aimed to unveil great products leaving the customers to discover the world with the help of round the world experts.
The overhaul of the website was driven by the results of studies and tests. The customer was at the core of the new experience.

Sagi Chaitas
UX Manager • LinkedIn

I have had the privilege of working together with Alin at Flight Centre. What makes Alin a great UX designer is his understanding both in theory and in execution of the whole UX process as a motivator and contributor to the success of the business. Alin has a global holistic approach that takes into account the story of the user the business needs and targets and the digital journey and flow that derives from those. He also follows a practical design methodology that ties it all together to create great digital designs that benefit the user and the business when implemented. Alin is a great UX asset to any business he is part of.

Nov 2014 - May 2015 • 7 mos
Senior UX Designer at Barclays™ PLC

One of the best digital businesses in the UK.
A place of innovation, challenge and reward.
Working in a great team of designers who share the passion for great customer experience in digital banking. The position required a great deal of attention in understanding the propositions, building clear complex flows and prototypes using the latest techniques and technologies to create a great and secure journey. Involved in testing analysis and research propositions like loan, mortgage and insurance online applications.

Charlie Francis
UX Manager • LinkedIn

Alin brought to Barclays an amazing enthusiasm for user experience. His motivation to do the best for his project was wonderful. Alin worked tirelessly on getting the details right. But never got lost in them. He was always prepared to step back and make sure that user experience for the whole the project stayed on track. Alin always saw the ‘big picture’ whilst ensuring no detail was missed.

Antony Conboy • LinkedIn
Lead UX Designer

Having worked with Alin at Barclays I cannot recommend him enough. His brilliant personality makes him a joy to work with. His knowledge of not just UX but the digital design field makes him a prime choice for any project. He has a detailed knowledge of the skill set required for any UX task and brings any project to life with his great experience and personality.

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